About Electrotherapy

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About Electrotherapy
About Electrotherapy

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For over 23 years, Pepin Manufacturing, Inc. has been a leading electrotherapy electrode manufacturer, offering high performance products under the Advantrode trademark name. Pepin's full line of Advantrode brand electrotherapy electrodes offer 100% uniform current dispersion, improved reusability, and ultra-low impedance. Our fully automated processes allow us to offer a superior, USA-made electrode at a competitive price. Additionally, Pepin Manufacturing mass manufactures our own Comfort 1/0 Iontophoresis transdermal patches. All Advantrode and Comfort 1/0 electrodes are FDA 510(K) cleared. In addition to the full line of Advantrode electrodes, Pepin Manufacturing offers a wide variety of TENS units, leadwires, and electrotherapy accessories. Pepin Manufacturing leads the way in custom electrode and sensor manufacturing for the cosmetic, electrotherapy, and medical industries. As a key provider for next­ generation wearable technologies that use the Internet of Things (loT), we design and manufacture cutting-edge electrodes and sensors built to each customer's specifications and application.


  • Uniquely designed Dual layer of adhesive hydrogel enhances the performance, offering ultimate patient comfort. Our premium hydrogel strengthens and increases the life of each electrode resulting in maximum reusability.
  • A layer of Pure Silver (Ag) is uniquely bonded to a layer of conductive carbon film for reduced impedance, greater conductivity and uniform current dispersion. The combination of these high quality materials prevents "hot spots" to ensure patient comfort.
  • Extra long 4.5" Lead Wires with tin coated copper strands for the lowest impedance on the market. A dispersive lug head helps to prevent wire pull-out.
  • Available in Many Size and Shapes along with several choices of Flexible and Durable Topcoat Materials.
  • Low Profile Design maximizes flexibility, allowing the electrode to conform to body contours.
  • The AdvanTrode line of electrodes are manufactured with State-of-the-Art Computerized Technology to ensure precision and quality in every electrode.
  • Made in the USA.

PMI Electrode
Current Dispersion

  • The unique manufacturing processes and material used in PMI electrodes provide a uniform current dispersion throughout the desired treatment site of picture each electrode. This uniform current dispersion eliminates "hot spots" and provides the maximum treatment to the entire electrode surface.
  • A leading brand electrode and a PMI electrode are placed on a "Current Dispersion Meter". An electrical current is passed through each electrode for a period of 60 seconds. The electrical voltage output is identical for each electrode. Results are shown at right.
  • The PMI electrode displays optimal current dispersion while the leading brand treats less than 50% of the surface, mainly where the wire is placed.
PMI Electrodes Current is concentrated in a small area, creating a "hot spot" that is less effective.
PMI Electrodes
PMI Electrode Current DispersionPMI electrodes are able to fully disperse the electrical current throughout the entire surface of the electrode.
PMI Electrode Current Dispersion