Iontophoresis Electrodes

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Comfort/IO Iontophoresis Electrode System from Pepin Manufacturing, Inc.

With over 20 years experience in the electrotherapy market, we have used our technical knowledge to create a high quality iontophoresis system using only the best materials and most advanced processes.

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Active Pad: Drug Delivery Electrode

  • Comfort/IO's exclusive (2) sided Silver-Sliver Chloride ensures pH balance, lower impedance and 100% delivery at lower mA outputs for greater patient comfort with less skin irritation.
  • User-friendly non-adhesive tabs allows ease of electrode placement.
  • Soft and conformable Buffered Active Electrode with more aggresive adhesive properties to minimize leakage.

Dispersive Pad: Return Electrode

  • The PMI Buffered Return Electrode with its' uniquely applied layer of Pure Silver (Ag) provides excellent current dispersion and lower impedance.
  • The larger surface area offers greater patient comfort during treatment.
  • Our extra thick 35 mil. Buffered Gel maintains neutral pH levels and aids with optimal adhesion.

Available in four sizes to accommodate varying treatment sites.

Quality IontophoresisC1015 / Small
Quality Iontophoresis
Quality IontophoresisC1025 / Medium
Quality Iontophoresis
Quality IontophoresisC1040 / Large
Quality Iontophoresis
Quality IontophoresisC1020 / Butterfly
Quality Iontophoresis

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